Alchemyse this!

Ok first off, i know that’s not a verb… but it probably was in medieval time… anyways, off-topic.

     So after a few days of beer drinking, onirism and morning haze, i remembered that I tried a few “new” beer from Joliette’s L’Alchimiste. From their 8 beers 4 were already known and renown by my friends and I, but the 4 others that we stumbled upon one day were a new shiny mystery. this is their tale, from my vague memories and some note scribbled on a piece of paper laying next to my pc…

     ”La Blanche” - Is exactly what you want from a white beer: smooth (IBU of 10, regular 5% alcohol), refreshing, but this one had a little twist: instead of the regular orange-y taste, it was more of a lemon aftermath, which makes it slightly bitter, but surprisingly good.

     ”L’Imperial Stout” - Now this was no surprise to me, but obviously this is not a beer for everyone; Stout in general (and this one is no exception) have a strong coffee and chocolate taste. With almost no bitterness, oddly enough with and IBU of 60 and 7.9% alcohol, it still has a strong alcohol ending.

     ”La Bock d’Hiver” - this one might as well been called “la calle la toute d’suite est trop bonne”, because believe me this was heavenly delicious…  with a delicate almost fruity taste (IBU of 30, 6.1% alcohol), a nice golden robe and an ending that lingers in mouth with caramel-y fruity goodness.

     ”L’Eisbock” - Obviously i kept the best for last: the Ice beer. A brownish amber look to a 9.5% , a smooth taste (IBU of 25) which is gonna make you wonder if it’s honey, maple syrup or chocolate that you are drinking, only to be shattered by the strong and warmth ending, without the bitter taste of alcohol. This is a beer for after-shoveling, after a hockey game, or just while being naked under a blanket in the middle of winter.

You can easily find all these and the 4 unspoken ones in high class depaneurs and some groceries stores.
Microbrasserie L’Alchimiste

681 rue Marion
Joliette (Québec)
J6E 8S3